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Deregulated Electricity Markets and the Covid-19 Crisis

The current pandemic has occurred at an interesting time in the electricity markets. After several decades of regulation, electricity jurisdictions are now increasingly deregulated. Retail Electricity Providers (REPs) have multiplied and play an increasingly important role in providing electricity to customers. The flipside to this arrangement is that REPs are exposed to market forces. As…

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Defunding the Police -II

In my previous post, I discussed the financial feasibility of defunding NYPD. Since I published that piece, I’ve read a bunch of articles suggesting changes to policing. There’s been a veritable media storm of suggestions about allocation of funds within police budgets. Some suggest “unbundling” of police. Others want to more funds to reconfigure training…

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Can We “Defund” the Police?

In the aftermath of George Floyd’s death by a police officer in Minneapolis, “Defund the Police” has become a rallying cry for protestors throughout the country and abroad. By tackling the problem’s root cause, that is by sharply cutting the supply of government money to police departments in America, activists contend that police brutality can…

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